Technical Engineering Works

Nautica provides high-end solutions for every aspect of yacht refits, from basic maintenance works to extremely complex major modifications. Whatever your needs, however simple or seemingly ambitious, we have the specialist craftsman and organisational skills to deliver a project that runs like clockwork.

Whether your needs relate to small repair or the refit/refurbishment of components or your cabin furnishings, we have the experience and equipment to carry out these jobs for a wide variety of yacht types. You can easily combine the installation of new features in your cabin with repair and/or maintenance work that may be required anyway, which would reduce the over all downtime. This not only ensures the safety of your yacht, but also its value.

Our technicians are first rate, so is our spare parts supply. The services we provide are focused on interior and exterior design, engineering, supply, refit and repair.

Pre-season maintenance works are focused on, engines, electrical and hydraulic systems, painting, polishing and interior touch ups taking care to aesthetic side of the yacht.

Regular and planned maintenance of yacht, improves owner and guest comfort on board as well as the yacht efficiency in terms of cost for the owner.

We focus on smallest details from an operational point of view, lets not forget that what we are looking for is that first impression which will make the guests feel at home.

Our clients can be absolutely sure that when they hand over their yachts to our care, they will get them back in excellent condition. We offer you a personalized service with a diverse range of specialties under one roof and a step a way.

As a full service refit yard, we have the following technical capabilities:

Project Management:
Members of our strong project management team are dedicated to successfully delivering your project and always show huge commitment to meeting client expectations. Planning, quotations, contracts, invoicing, procurement, quality control. Our project managers have successfully delivered hundreds of projects, ranging from minor repairs to extensive overhauls with our high ability to adapt to any situation with flexibility. Careful coordination between the departments, external suppliers and yacht crew, ensures that the project is delivered successfully on time and on budget.

Technical Office:
Our technical office provides naval architecture & engineering expertise to clients at every stage of the project. From interior and exterior design, structural modifications, stability and weight studies to class surveys and technical reports. We have strong relationships and experiences with many classification companies.

Painting and Refinishing:
Nautica Refit & Repair facilities has the full operational control, located in a fully equipped technical marina with painting facilities with controlled atmospheric conditions, equipped with heating, ventilation and emission treatment systems, temperature and humidity control, overspray recovery and filtration and lighting systems for painting works.

We can offer a full, in-house service dedicated to premium grade, certified and guaranteed yacht paint projects from primer to top coat refinishing. Measurements are performed by professional coating inspectors employing equipment certified in keeping with international paint finishing standards with a guarantee with figures; Gloss Unit (GU): 90 & Depth of Image (DOI): 90

Stern to in a marina berth or at anchorage in a crowded bay, your yacht’s paint work is everyone’s first impression. So whether you require full exterior fairing and a metallic paint job, you can rest assured that we understand and meet your highest standard expectations. Fairing, top-coating, antifouling, blasting, varnishing, refinishing, paint shed & tent. Technology and experience in surface preparation and treatment, inside and outside the hull. We offer the most precise methodology for yacht painting and finishing. Again and again it’s shown that whilst modern technology has no bounds, the traditional method of yacht finishing is still in the hands of artisan.


Range of Coating Services:

Corrosion control & protection
Grinding & Blasting
fib Interior: tanks, engine rooms, pipings
Exterior: filling, fairing and refinishing
Paint restoration and coating protection
Hot dip galvanizing for chain and anchors


Our team are experts with anti-foul application, both spray and roll on, knowing the best solution to apply for your requirements. Today, many clients are aware of benefits of airless spray application to ensure an even coverage and better performance due to more paint being applied during the process. The ability to use a spray application means we can achieve a smoother finish giving the added benefit of saving fuel as it allows the yacht to slip easier through the water.

Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with Awlgrip, International, Jotun & Boero technical representatives to ensure the perfect results with their support whenever needed. Our team also expert in applicaton of Propspeed and Pellerclean products to protect propellers & shafts in first day cleanliness.

Wood & Carpentry:
Beautiful carpentry has a resounding effect on the overall look and feel of specialist craftsmen for each task. Interior woodwork, exterior furniture, teak decking. Our skilled craftsmen have a special sense for such a unique and natural material. They are well versed in the widest range of materials, methods and technologies, be it teak, veneers, parquetry or composites, high quality woods and lacquers, from mast & spars, to custom furniture, interiors and joinery. It takes devoted and experienced hands to shape the raw wood in to a fine artisan’s piece and the finished product is guaranteed to please. Offering dedicated craftsmanship with more than 30 years of experience artisans in this field.

Design & Interior Specialists:

Our interior department understand the needs of the superyacht market for impeccable finishes and world class materials. As specialists in the field, our distinguished team can provide advice where needed and support the yacht crew and owners to achieve the highest quality finishes throughout the yacht.

In addition to this expertise, we also have an unrivalled local and global network of suppliers on hand from carpentry and soft furnishings to lighting and appliances. Combining the attention to detail required for projects ranging from small amends to complete interior overhauls with access to a wide range of fabrics, materials, artisans and designers, allows all our clients’ vision to be realized.

Refit of the yacht interiors and external furnishings, including structural alterations and system installation or upgrading. Upholstery, embroidery, leather, appliances, marble, furnitures.

Fiberglass Works:

Repairs and constructions with carbon fiber, epoxy, GRP, polyester, vacuum-bagging, high-tech cores.

Systems and equipment:

Having worked on some of the most complex yachts, we understand the working principals of all equipments of yachts. We have strong working relationships with the leading suppliers in the world and will always supply a suitable solution for your yacht systems and more cost effective options. Air Conditioning/Cooling, Electrics, Electronics, Hydraulics, Refrigeration, Engines, Generators, Shafts, Propellers, Rudders, Stabilisers, custom refrigeration and electrical installations to all levels. We present authorized service to ABT-TRAC stabiliser systems and Parker, HRO, Sea Recovery, Village Marin, Idromar watermaker systems officially.

Electrical Works:

We undertake every conceivable test procedure with a confident air of expertise, offering “inhouse” services, spares and megger tests. Generator load testing and insulation testing are all covered by the appropriate certificates for classification societies. From customized A/C panels to Zero Speed Stabilisers and yacht automation systems our electrical department can give you the best, up to date advice possible to ensure a future proof installation on your yacht. Qualified services, reparations and new installations of engines, generators, electrical systems and electronics. We present authorized service to Onan and Kohler Power generators and Mastervolt, Victron Energy electrical system components, Cantalupi Lighting systems officially.

Mechanical Engineering/Machinery:

Nautica stands ready to meet all mechanical repair and conversion requirements of the yacht industry. Our capabilities include a fully qualified engineering department, a machine shop, the equipment and personnel required to carry out field service works on specialist subjects. Rudders, pumps, deck machinery, gyro and fin stabilizers, thrusters, anodes replacement.

Propulsion / Auxiliary:

Repower, overhaul, service and repair for all makes of machinery. Engine and gearbox works, generator servicing. We offer authorized service to Yanmar Marine engines.

Shaft & Props:

Shaft alignment works & production, balancing, repair, bearing and coupling works. Shaft removal / inspection, pitch and fix propellers.


Hydraulic components are critical for a wide range of equipment on board, maybe painful for engineers who deal with low performance stabilising systems, gangways not exceeding properly or cranes that ruin a jet ski ride. Diagnosis becomes of maximum importance to achieve satisfactory result and our expert hands know how to deal with hydraulic components, how to repair and when to replace or redesign. We present authorized service to Opacmare and Besenzoni systems officially.


From steel to aluminum, pipework to artwork can be completed for metal work requirements. Class certified welders and plate or pipe bending machines capable of producing all metal equipments are complemented with our eye for detail which promotes custom designs to ensure that your metal details are admired by even your most discerning guests.

An experienced team, is also available for design, construction and modification of yachts metal fittings. Working on complex modifications & repairs, such as extensions involving the overall structure of yacht makes metal works an important part of our projects, we only work with certified professionals. Class certified structural repairs and modifications, extensions, complete re-build or design and fabrication of furniture and components.

Our craftmen not only have preserved the heritage of old traditions, but have also developed these techniques to forge authentic and unique custom made masterpieces. Structural works are all undertaken with the approval of classification societies. Our experience in the construction of yachts gives us a unique insight in to combining new and time honoured techniques and has made huge strides in the efficiency, cost effectiveness and precision of its methods in the past decades.

Stainless steel:

Custom design and fabrication, we are one of the leading designers and manufacturers of marine deck equipment including awnings, staircases, railings, stanchions and yacht access systems as well as custom mooring equipment fabrication.


Our team of welders are equally conversant with all types of welding, producing high grade finishes in every case meeting with ISO specifications. Hull and decks are cut and replaced as necessary while the superstructure and the pilot houses of aluminum are crafted to a high degree of accuracy, whilst avoiding the often challenging threat of distortion in the softer alloy. We offer class certified welders for Aluminum and Steel.


Any kind of piping onboard is a serious challenge for both designers and manufacturers alike. We design and fabricate all manner of pipes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and coppernickel which harmonises with the yacht, avoiding any of the pitfalls generally associated with pipe work. Planning a piping refit also takes a large measure of knowledge when involving installations in steel, polypropylene, PVC or stainless steel.

Sail & Rigging Works:

Rigging repairs and upgrading, masts production, sails manufacture and repairs, Lifting keels repairs can be carried out with expert knowledge.

Classification Repairs:

Hull Thickness Gauging, steel replacement, pipe works, valve works, overboard hull valves, Megger tests, NDT tests (liquid penetrant testing, x-ray, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle inspection, vacuum tests).

Concierge Services:

We understand that a happy crew is an efficient crew, as part of our wide range of concierge-level support services, we can arrange short and long-term accommodation, organize transfers and transports, help with medical requirements, translation services, crew admin tasks such as visas when necessary, reservations, activities, social events. Thanks to location of Nautica, yachtowners and crews can take full advantage of Didim’s and Bodrum’s accommodations, restaurants and tourist attractions. Either for a brief stay or for longer refitting sojourn, our concierge department is at the full disposal of our clients to advise and assist them regarding booking and organizing travel and accommodations. Bodrum and Didim is a city rich in culture, history and leisure and its surroundings have plenty of attractions to go along like Priene, Ephesus, Milet, Apollon, Pamukkale, etc. with excellent high level cuisine for the best hosting of crew and owners.

Our goal is to create long term relationships with our clients and this can only be achieved through developing trust. Trust that we will deliver, in terms of quality, price & timing and above all a positive client experience for the duration of the project to gain returning clients.

Pleasure is a serious matter, NAUTICA ensures peace of mind at sea.

Nautica Didim Marina service facilities at a glance

80.000 m2 Didim Yard Area
Yard Assistance and Services
Technical & Project management
Technical Marina up to 60 mt LOA
Docks with travel lift x 2 pcs
Covered Shed up to 60 mt LOA
400 Ton & 100 ton Travel Lifts
100 ton Trailer
Storage Areas
Yacht Chandlery: Nautical Store
Service Dealers: MTU, CAT, MAN, Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Kohler, Onan, ABT.TRAC, Parker, HRO, Sea Recovery, Idromar, Dometic.

Nautica also Cares
ISO 9001 & 14001
ISPS Standarts

Standart Services
Mooring Assistance
Crew support
Shore power