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Herodotus said the Turkish coast has “most beautiful sky and best climate in the world”. Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences collide in this land of contradictions, making southern Turkey a mesmerizing cruising area. 

Get infatuated with old and new in this richly historic land. Charter through picture-perfect coastlines, secluded bays and numerous small islands in sparkling azure waters.

Our expert Charter Managers are glad to assist you with all the questions, clarifications, thoughts and doubts you may have from the selection of the yacht, to the arrangements of your charter, until the disembark.

A luxury yacht charter vacation in Turkey offers dramatic and diverse cruising grounds to discover as well as secret coves, picturesque villages, and an unsurpassed world of luxury. Whether you’re after a journey into historic sites, a spot of tranquility, a touch of water sports, or simply some shopping, Turkey has something for everyone.

Located in the East Mediterranean sea, Turkey is one of the best yachting holiday hot spots in the world. Chartering a private, crewed motor yacht or sailing boat in Turkey is a fantastic way to experience the stunning Turkish coastline with all of its classical ruins, water sport sports, timeless cuisine and secluded bays best experienced from the water. Turkey is a diverse and dramatic country that embraces its east-meets-west origins, and features dazzling harbors alongside vibrant cities which can be combined to form the perfect yachting itineraries.

The deeply-indented coastline has bath-like waters; and Turkey has moved up in the luxury stakes, too. Bodrum has become the Turkish answer to St Tropez; pontoon beach clubs are springing up; the scene at Macakizi is reminiscent of a Vogue photo shoot. 

The large, beautifully-preserved Roman theatre at Aspendos hosts an opera and ballet festival in summer. The ancient cities of Ephesus, Troy and the 'cotton castle' of Pamukkale continue to wow visitors and the numerouscolourful city bazaars have stood the test of time. For a peaceful anchorage and total privacy head to one of the secluded bays around Marmaris. At Göcek, explore the main square’s line up of bustling bars, open air tavernas and little shops. Turkish hospitality – and food – are renowned; Turkish style Meze platters heaped with delicious tapas-style nibbles… aromatic and sticky slow roasted lamb, seafood and more seafood…
From Cosmopolitan Istanbul to the historic ruins of Knidos, Turkey is a country where continents collide. This exotic destination sits in between the crossroads of Asia and Europe, with a bit of Middle Eastern flair mixed in. 

Turkey is a mosaic of ancient cultures and modern, from the bright lights and skyscrapers of Istanbul to the honeycomb hills and towers of Cappadocia. Immerse yourself in culture with a traditional Hamams sock and scrub, a Turkish tea in a sidewalk cafe or an afternoon discovering the Aya Sofya- one of the greatest churches in Christendom.
If you love exploring history with your own two feet, Turkey is well known for ancient ruins spanning many different historical periods; from Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Nothing beats the incredible view from Bodrum Castle, a medieval fortress built with stones from the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The countryside is dotted with ancient roman ruins and mosques, make sure to respect any traditional customs of the area.

With its glittering waters and tiny coves, Turkey is also the perfect backdrop for snorkelling, scuba diving and many other water sports.

Turkey remains to be one of the popular destinations in Mediterranean for luxury charter yacht tours. Spotting stunning viewpoints, historical sites of wonder and unique beaches, it isn't hard to see why the area continues to grow in popularity. It is a stunning country to visit, whether it is your first or fifth time visiting. Exploring stunning backdrops of natural beauty mixed in with historical significance and tourist havens, there is something for everyone when touring on a luxury charter yacht. 

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Our expert Charter Managers are glad to assist you with all the questions, clarifications, thoughts and doubts you may have from the selection of the yacht, to the arrangements of your charter, until the disembark. We always reserve transparent and clear assistance to our new and repetitive clients, without surprises.

Types of Yachts Available for Charter in Turkey
You can choose from large portfolio of motoryachts, sailing yachts and gulets. The most common type of local yachts available to charter in Turkey are traditional Gulets. These Turkish gulets are typically motor sailers and were originally used to transport cargo up and down the Turkish coast. Due to their strong performance, stability, and large internal volume, these became a good design to develop for future leisure vessels. Along with modern innovation and the addition of luxury accommodation, luxury gulet charter yachts have become increasingly popular over recent years. Turkey has also become a leading builder of modern superyachts. Together with foreign flagged luxury yachts, the Turkish waters have become popular yachting destination and there is a good choice of luxury motor yachts and sail yachts available to charter in the region.

Yacht Charter Destinations in Turkey
Asian mystery fuses with European flair in the birthplace of great civilisations.

From slender minarets and ancient domes that punctuate the endless violet sky, to fertile plains planted with cotton, grapes and olives, Turkey is a country that warmly embraces its east-meets-west origins. Walk the steps of the Silk Road Traders, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great to discover ancient ruins, dazzling harbours, and vibrant cities alive with energetic street life.

The cruising grounds of Turkey’s southern coastline, known as The Turquoise Coast, are a justifiably popular luxury yacht charter destination. Dramatic and diverse, its hidden coves, rustic villages, and picturesque settings combine with modern luxury in the regions hottest boutique hotels that are scattered along the coast. Lapped by warm, transparent waters that play host to abundant marine life, it is also the perfect place to explore beneath the waterline.

Istanbul, the vivacious capital, is quintessentially Eastern and bursting with Byzantine treasures. Specifically, it is home to many glittering mosques, ruched velvet night-spots, smart hotels, and beautiful vistas. Visitors are able to plunge into bazaars redolent with rich spices and explore the spectacular Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and breath-taking frescoes of the Chora Museum.

Beyond the beach, the old quarter of Kaleici captivates locals and visitors alike, while in a nearby Roman amphitheatre during June and July the Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival gets underway. Along the coast, Bodrum beckons with its White washed houses and riot of bougainvillea, the city’s twin bays making it a magnet for yachtsmen, while history aficionados will find Roman Ephesus a revelation.

The lively resort town of Marmaris is known as Turkey’s yachting capital and rests on one of the world’s largest harbours, a sweeping bay backed by majestic mountain peaks. Discover its secluded paradise islands, snorkel in the clear waters and explore mysterious phosphorus caves before heading into the jungle for and off-road trek.

Long considered one of the best sailing spots in the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Gocek is home to four of the main Turkish marinas. The bustling port is a registered area of special protection and, as such, has remained a charming fishing village without being tarnished by tourist resorts. Turkey’s intoxicating allure and varied attractions make it as beautiful as it is vibrant, ensuring pleasure and relaxation wherever visitors find themselves roaming.

If you are interested in visiting any of below destinations or cruising the surrounding waters, please get in touch with us. Please click here to see detailed destinations in Turkey.

  • Bodrum

  • Datça

  • Hisarönü / Bozburun

  • Marmaris

  • Ekincik

  • Göcek Bay

  • Fethiye

  • Kaş / Kalkan

  • Istanbul

Yacht Charter Itineraries in Turkey
You can ask your yacht captain to visit many of the Turkish cities and see ruins of this amazing civilization. Along the way you have your choice of inviting islands, quaint towns, and interesting ports. We will be able to help you plan the perfect itinerary, combining your party's needs with recommendations about the best time to visit each area. Please click here to see Itinerary Plans.

5 Reasons to visit Turkey

  • Numerous ancient sites, huge amount of culture including historic sites, museums and the arts

  • Miles of magnificent coastline

  • Endless scuba diving opportunities, a selection of safari tours

  • Wild, often unspoiled beauty in off-the-beaten-track locations

  • Some of the best restaurants on the planet

You will return with a lifelong passion for yachting.