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The Ultimate Yachting Lifestyle is something we have proudly spent our lives PERFECTING.

Choosing when to sell your yacht, and at what price, is a big decision. Every owner and every yacht is unique and deserves to be treated as such. Our first step is to provide you with an in depth, honest appraisal of the market.  Where is your yacht positioned, how quickly can you expect it to sell, and at what price? Listing your yacht for sale with Nautica means you will have the undivided attention of a small but dedicated, motivated and focused team.

Professional yacht brokerage is more than just acting as a middleman. Choosing the ideal yacht broker for you depends on many factors one might not consider at first glance.

Essentially, the good broker is one that is in the business as a career and not just a weekend warrior. Along with good advice on brokerage, a good company does not engage in ethical shortcuts and values repeat customers. This means that education is part and parcel of the trade.

Moreover, a company’s reputation – apart from obvious tell-tale signs of untrustworthiness, look out for things like how patient they are and good rapport – and process of payment are worth checking out. Having an idea of their spread in the international market can help you conclude whether a broker is the right one for you.

Local knowledge is highly esteemed in the industry, especially since the latter deals with both money and information business. Small efforts on your part can assure you whether a company has team of experts ready to support, advice and assist you in every aspect of selling and chartering your yacht or vessel.

In a nutshell, good brokers act as a bridge between buyer and seller and value long-term commitment since customers are likely to return. Given that the superyacht industry is more accessible than ever, look out for how busy a company is and whether they have an office – always a good sign.

Stay connected. You are in good hands.

Expect professional expertise and extensive market knowledge, information from advanced databases, full specification sheets listing all of a yacht’s features and links with the global market. The more forward-thinking a company is and the more it gives you the impression of regular contact with clients, the more you can rest assured.

Finally, brochures, extensive use of social media and as much history, photos and advises on possible problems are really something to look out for. Your ideal should be an insider acting in your best interests throughout the steps of your yacht buying or yacht selling process.

When you are looking for a new yacht, there is one thing you know for certain, you are looking for something special. A yacht that seamlessly matches your wishes and expectations. A yacht that bears your signature. You are looking for a yacht from Nautica Yachting Company.

Buying a new yacht is not a trivial matter, so you want a partner who really knows the ropes. At Nautica, we have the kind of experience you can count on. We master the technology and have the required expertise. And, at least as importantly, we know what proper supervision means. If you choose us, every part of the process will be taken care of for you, so that right from the inital introduction you can look forward to the launch of your own dream yacht with confidence.

Nautica, creates a lifelong passion for yachting.